王中王六合彩资料 is committed to working towards full compliance with current standards of Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act(AODA), 2005 and/or the related Regulation 429/07, Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Ontario.

The Multi-Year Accessibility Plan outlines policies, achievements, and action that the Company has taken place and that is in progress to improve opportunities for our customers with disabilities. The current plan will be reviewed in 2025 and the company will continue to review and update at least every 5 years.


王中王六合彩资料 is committed to excellence in serving all customers including people with disabilities. We will strive at all times to provide information or service in a way that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.


Our staff (full or part-time, permanent or contractual) who deal with customers or the general public will be trained in how to provide accessible customer service and on requirements of our accessibility policy.

Training will include:

  • An overview of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and the requirements of the customer service standard;
  • An overview of the requirements of the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Ontario Regulation 429/7;
  • 王中王六合彩资料 plan related to the customer service standard;
  • How to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities;
  • How to interact with people with disabilities who use an assistive device or require the assistance of a service animal or a support person;
  • If necessary, how to use equipment or services to better communicate with people with disabilities;
  • What to do if a person with a disability is having difficulty in accessing our information or service;
  • Staff will also be trained when changes or additions are made to our plan.

New staff will be provided such training as part of their on-boarding process.


We will ensure that communications with our customers take into account the accessibility needs of people with disabilities. Our staff will communicate using methods that enable people with disabilities to use, receive and request our information or service with the same quality and timeliness as others. When a customer requests information in an accessible format or needs help to communicate with us, we will consult with the person to determine the appropriate format or support that will meet their needs, at no additional cost.

If we are not able to meet the person’s request in a timely manner, we will provide an explanation as to why we were unable to meet their request and work with them to determine an alternate method to meet their request.


Service disruptions may occur due to reasons that may or may not be within our control or knowledge. In the event of a service disruption, we will take steps to report such disruption in a timely fashion through appropriate information channels. Such channels include, but are not limited to, The Canadian Institute website, communication via email or phone call to affected individuals. The required information necessary for any communication of a disruption may include:

  • Service that is disrupted;
  • Reason for the disruption;
  • Anticipated duration;
  • Description of alternative service or option, if any


We will strive to effectively serve persons with disabilities who use assistive devices, and will train our staff on the use of various assistive devices. We will ensure that any third party providing a service on our behalf (e.g. conference facility provider) meets our obligation under the customer service standard.


Persons with disabilities may bring their service animal, and able to keep their service animal with them unless the animal is expressly excluded from the premises by law. In cases where a service animal is excluded by law, we will ensure that appropriate alternative arrangements are offered to enable the person with a disability to obtain, use or benefit from our service. We will ensure that any third party providing a service on our behalf (e.g. conference facility provider) meets our obligation under the customer service standard.


If a person with a disability is accompanied by a support person, we will ensure that both persons are allowed to enter the premises together, free of charge, and that the person is not prevented from having access to the support person. We will ensure that any third party providing a service on our behalf (e.g. conference facility provider) meets our obligation under the customer service standard.


Customers who wish to provide feedback on the way 王中王六合彩资料 provides information or service to people with disabilities may do so through our website, by email, telephone, mail, or by any other communication technology as required, to the Manager, Customer Service who will respond within two (2)work days. All feedback will receive a reply. Some feedback may, however, require more effort to address.

We will make best efforts to provide a response in the same format in which the feedback is received. If customers with disabilities would prefer to give their feedback, and receive a response to it, using an alternate method than the one offered, they may request it. 


Documents will be provided in an accessible format or with communication support, on request. We will consult with the person making the request to determine the suitability of the format or communication support. We will provide the accessible format in a timely manner and, at no additional cost.


The Canadian Institute is committed to excellence in serving all customers including people with disabilities. This extends to our employment practices through working with all applicants to accommodate their individual accessibility needs during recruitment, onboarding process, and continued throughout their employment.


王中王六合彩资料 is committed to ensuring that our recruitment, selection, and assessment processes are fair and accessible. Will continue to take the following steps to ensure we are employment standards are met:

  • Notify employees, job applicants and the public that accommodations can be made during recruitment and hiring.
  • Notify job applicants when they are individually selected to participate in an assessment or selection process that accommodations are available upon request. We consult with the applicants and provide or arrange for suitable accommodation.
  • Notify successful applicants of policies for accommodating employees with disabilities when making offers of employment.


王中王六合彩资料 is committed to providing individual accommodations which include the following:

  • Notification to staff that supports are available for those with disabilities as soon as practicable after they begin their employment.
  • Provide updated information to employees whenever there is a change to existing policies on the provision of job accommodation that take into account an employee’s accessibility needs due to a disability.
  • Consultation with employees when arranging for the provision of suitable accommodation in a manner that takes into account the accessibility needs due to disability.
  • We will consult with the person making the request in determining the suitability of an accessible format or communication supports specifically for:

We have a written process to develop individual accommodation plans for employees.

We have a written process for employees who have been absent from work due to a disability and require disability-related accommodations in order to return to work.

王中王六合彩资料 will continue to ensure the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities. Our performance management, career development and redeployment processes take into account the accessibility needs of all employees.


王中王六合彩资料 where needed, we will also provide customized emergency information to help an employee with a disability during an emergency.

We will provide the information as soon as practicable after we become aware of the need for accommodation due to the employee’s disability.

We will review the individualized workplace emergency response information:

  • a) when the employee moves to a different location in the organization;
  • b) when the employee’s overall accommodations needs or plans are reviewed; and
  • c) when the employer reviews its general emergency response policies.


Any policies of this organization that do not respect and promote the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity for people with disabilities will be modified or removed.

For more information on this accessibility plan contact us at:

Human Resources
416-927-0718 ext. 7520
Fax: 416-642-0518
[email protected]